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Emergency Generator Tanks
Emergency Generator Tanks
Fuel storage for emergency backup generators, available from 50 to 2,000 gallons. Available in stationary or portable (up to 300 gallons).Learn More
Gasoline and Diesel Dispensing Tanks
Gasoline and Diesel Dispensing Tanks
50 - 2,000 gallon double wall UL-142 Listed tanks available with 12 volt DC battery operated, 115 volt AC and rotary hand pumps, lockable fill boxes, venting on both primary and secondary containment, and additional optional accessories.Learn More
Aviation Fuel Dispensing Trailers
Aviation Fuel Dispensing Trailers
50 - 1,500 gallon double wall stainless steel tanks with refuel and defuel systems, hose reels, batteries, venting, and optional accessories per customer request. Not for highway or road use. Learn More
Used Fluids Storage
Used Fluids Storage
50 - 2,000 gallon double wall UL-142 Listed tanks with lockable spill box with removable debris screen, venting, and level gauge. Available in mobile or stationary.Learn More
Used Fuel Collection Carts
Used Fuel Collection Carts
20 - 300 gallon double wall used fuel and liquids collection carts with lockable fill box, venting on both primary and secondary containments mounted on four wheel casters with push handle. Learn More

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Fuel Storage Tanks ›

Fuel Storage Tanks

Fully customizable and made from the highest quality materials, genuine Safe-T-Tanks are designed to withstand the elements, with no rusting or leaking.

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Safe-T-Sentry™ Alarms ›

Safe-T-Sentry™ Alarms

Safe-T-Sentry model is a battery-operated high level audible and visual overfill alarm system. It is designed for use with combustible petroleum liquids.

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Above-Ground Fuel Tanks & Alarms

Since 1984, Safe-T-Tank Corporation has manufactured and installed UL-142 listed above-ground fuel storage tanks and alarms for the commercial, government and military markets. Our products are designed for dependability and long-life, even in extreme weather conditions.

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