High Level Alarms

About the Safe-T-Sentry™ High Level Alarm

Safe-T-Sentry is a battery-operated high level audible and visual overfill alarm system. It is designed for use with combustible petroleum liquids (lube oil, #2 heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, hydraulic oil). It is not designed for use with flammable liquids (gasoline, paint thinners, MEK, solvents, etc.).

It operates using a magnetic float constructed of BUNA-N material (rising and falling on liquid level changes) on a sealed stem that has internal magnetic operated reed switches.

The panel is equipped with a system TEST switch. When the battery is in operation, the test switch will energize both the audible alarms.

The panel is equipped with a MUTE switch that will silence the audible alarm. The switch must be manually reset upon correcting the alarm condition.